2017-12-28 HMDA Broker Email IV
2017-12-12 ALP Pricing Benefit Broker Email
2017-12-11 December Prime Rate Change Broker Email
2017-12-06 HMDA Broker Email III
2017-11-29 Conforming and High Balance Loan Limits Broker Email
2017-11-16 MORRIS Wholesale Portal Update Broker Email
2017-11-08 OO-NOO Reduced Margin Promo Broker Email
2017-11-08 HMDA Broker Email 2
2017-11-02 Recording Fee Update Broker Email
2017-09-27 HMDA Broker Email
2017-09-20 Broker Combo Loan and Standalone HELOC Email
2017-09-12 Email Delivery Issues Broker Email
2017-09-07 HELOC Offer Announcement Email to Wholesale Clients
2017-08-31 - Revision to Wholesale Broker Comp Agreement
2017-08-29 Removing LO from Processor Broker Email
2017-08-01 - Port 7-1 and Footprint Expansion Broker Email
2017-07-18 - Gold Jumbo 90 Broker Email
2017-07-17 - Updates to Rate Lock Policy Broker Email
2017-07-11 HELOC Payment Calculator Broker Email
2017-06-28 HELOC Margin Increase Broker Email
2017-06-27 Portfolio Purchase Special Broker Email
2017-06-16 Rate Lock Extension Policy Update
2017-06-14 MORRIS System Performance Broker Email
2017-05-17 FNMA Gold High Balance Loan and PIW Update Email
2017-01-03 High-Balance Purchase Special for 2017
2016-12-12 PIW fee removed on applications on or after 12-12
2016-12-06 Updated loan limits and special offers
2016-11-30 A Closer Look at Loan Extimate (LE) Preparation
2016-11-02 Agency High Balance - Improved Pricing and Purchase Special
2016-10-24 Your Applications may be eligible for appraisal waivers
2016-10-11 Portfolio Loans - What You Expect and Much More!
2016-09-16 Don't Miss Out - RSVP to Barry Habib's Free Seminar in Manhattan Beach on October 4
2016-04-26 Fremont Bank Will Retain Mortgage Servicing on Wholesale Loans
2016-04-21 Exclusive Invitation to Learn from the Best, Barry Habib
2016-04-02 Deadline Extended For Our Upcoming Seminar with Barry Habib
2016-03-23 Updated Fremont Bank Acceptable Broker Submissions Booklet Now Available
2016-03-08 Interest-Only ARMs are Baaack!
2016-03-01 Purchase Specials and Expanded Product Guidelines
2016-01-22 Exclusive Invitation to Learn from the Best, Barry Habib
2016-01-04 New Year Rings in 2016 Opportunities – Pat Reid