Internet-Only Certificate of Deposit Rates

Looking to earn a high yield on your money today? With our special Fremont Bank Internet-Only CD, enjoy a rate increase over our already competitive rates that you receive in our branches**. Our easy online application lets you apply for an account in just minutes, saving you the time and effort of coming into a branch.


Enjoy guaranteed, competitive rates with FDIC insurance protection and a choice of fixed rate terms. With a minimum opening deposit of just $2,500, it's an easy way to earn our highest rate on CDs available.

  • 8-Month, 13-Month, 18-Month, 3-year and 5-year terms
  • Minimum deposit: $2,500
  • Maximum deposit: $500,000***

Below are the current Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) and Interest Rates for Fremont Bank's Internet-Only Certificate of Deposit products. Rates offered are valid for personal accounts only and subject to change.

Internet-Only CD Interest Rates

TermInterest Rate for Balances:
$2,500 up to $500,000
APY*Renewal Term
8 Months0.15%0.15%6 Months
13 Months0.30%0.30%12 Months
18 Months0.35%0.35%18 Months
3 Years0.50%0.50%3 Years
5 Years1.24%1.25%5 Years

Interest is credited monthly. Paying interest into the account monthly has the effect of compounding. The Annual Percentage Yield assumes interest and principal remain on deposit until maturity. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Penalties and fees may reduce earnings.

Unless the Bank notifies you of a change in terms, at maturity the Internet-Only CD will automatically renew for the Renewal Term stated above at the rate and Annual Percentage Yield then in effect.

* Annual Percentage Yields (APY) effective as of 5/27/2017 and subject to change without notice.

** Rates and terms are available to applications submitted online only and are not available in any branch. Rates subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the Internet-Only CD is opened.

*** Bank Deposits and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are FDIC Insured up to Applicable Limits.